Nido Automation

NIDO Automation designs, develops and manufactures a complete suite of equipment and software for the warehousing, logistics, distribution and manufacturing industries. Dimensioning & weighing, conveyor & sorter automation, packing line automation, pick/put to light system. READ MORE

Nido Machineries is a Mumbai based firm having a PAN India presence, provides comprehensive equipment solutions in the categories of material handling equipment, aerial work platform, end of line packing equipment and industrial cleaning equipment. READ MORE

Nido Bots

NIDO Bot’s Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) and Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) are the industry standard in solving your material movement / fulfillment or handling needs . Our AGVS and AMRs are built with meticulously designed hardware and software that seamlessly READ MORE

Nido Rental

Nido Rental makes the search for rental equipment easy and hassle free through it’s flexible rental programs. Our rental solution will help you turn your CAPEX into OPEX and save operator & maintenance cost Short term rental, long term rental, rent to buy, EaaS/MaaS… READ MORE

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