Inside Amazon Fulfillment Center - Accurate Dimensioning & Weighing using Cubiscan DWS System
Webinar- Flexible Automation with AGVs & AMRs, How you can optimize and transform your warehouse operation
Webinar - Turn your Dimensioning Data Into Profits during Covid 19 pandemic
Webinar - Industrial to Automation & PLC, Transformation from Industry 3.0 to 4.0
160 meter Bagging Conveyor, supplied to a 3Pl company
Static Dimensioning & Weighing System for large bulky items - Designed, Developed & Manufactured in-house
In-feed Roller Conveyor attached with our Static Dimensioning & Weighing System
Dynamic DWS System for items moving on a conveyor line, provided to a top ecommerce company
4 Stage Telescopic Belt Conveyor for loading & unloading of items into truck or container
Expandable Flexible Roller Conveyor, designed and manufactured in-house for India's biggest eCommerce company
Flexible Motorized Roller Conveyor supplied to an oil company
Online Verification System with loading & unloading, Supplied to an automotive company
Truck Loading & Unloading With Online Verification
160 meter long Bagging Conveyor supplied to a 3Pl company
Pick / Put to Light System supplied to an Automotive Company
Fork type Autonomous Industrial Vehicle, designed & manufactured in-house for a 3Pl company
DWS System for measuring automotive spare parts & other iiregular shaped items
Warehouse AGV - QR code navigation
Conveyorized Transfer System with Dynamic Pass Box
Complete Manifesting Solution - Conveying, Bar-code Scanning, Weighing, Dimensioning & Sorting
Case Study - Online Verification Sysytem with loading & unloading
Case Study - 160 meter long belt conveyor for bagging applications
Case Study - Sorting bags & parcels with Bot Sort
Case Study - Automatic Pallet Wrapping System


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