Nido semi-automatic box strapping machines are low cost, easy to operate and have low energy consumption. This machine is preferred by clients for its simple design and easy operating. The machine works with minimum human intervention, just turn the machine on and you are ready to strap your packages. It is powered by an advanced easy-to-replace printed circuit board(PCB). The machine is also preprogrammed to stop the motor when the machine is not in use for 60 seconds,
this feature saves energy and prolongs motor life.


Power SupplyV/Hz 1 Phase AC 440/50
Strap Width mm9 to 15
Strap Thickness mm0.6
Strapping Speedsec/strap≤ 2.5
Strapping Tensionkg5 to 50
Box SizemmMin 60
Machine Top1.2 mm SS sheet
Max Box Weightkg35 to 40 kg
Machine SizemmL 895 X W 565 X H 735
Machine Weightkg90
Heavy Duty
Strap Width mm6-15
Strapping Tensionkg0-45
Strapping Speedsec/strap2.5
Strap Thicknessmm0.6
Machine Weightkg75 kg
Power V1 Phase - 230 DC
Machine Topmm1.2mm SS sheet
Machine sizemmL 750 X W 550 X H 750



  • Lift type top cover allows convenient maintenance.
  • PCB control
  • Auto stop (adjustable)
  • Auto cutting sensor based
  •  Touch control Board


  • • This is a lightweight strapping machine that has an advanced microprocessor PCB control system.
    • It is powered by the SMPS power supply.
    • SMPS power supply uses a switching regulator to control and stabilize output voltage and is well known for being highly efficient as it offers a greater power conversion and reduces overall power loss.
    • The machine has a silent motor equipped and offers flexibility from strapping width to strapping speed thus making it a perfect choice for both small and large businesses.


With 3 mm Stainless Steel Ball Top