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Hoist Goods Lift

Model Number : ND-GL-HOIST
HSN Code : 84289090
Stock: In-Stock
Main Specs : Hoist Goods Lift, Car Travel: G+1+2, Capacity of Lift: 2000 kg

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Nido hoist goods lift is widely used to transfer material from one floor to another. It is to be installed with wall support at the one side and rest 2 sides can be used for loading & unloading purpose.


Model ND-GL-Hoist
TypeHoist Goods Lift
Car TravelG+1+2
Capacity of Liftkg2000
No of Stops3
No. of Openings04 (2 Opposite on GL, 1FL+1SL)
Shaft Well Size (W*D*)mm3500*2300
Pit Width (Internal Dimension)mm3500
Pit Height (Internal Dimension)mm1000
Car Width*Car Length (Minimum Internal Dimension)mmW 3000 * D 2000
Landing Entrance OpeningmmW 2500 * H 2000
Car Height (Minimum Internal Dimension)mm2200
Car FlooringmmM.S. Checker Plate 5 mm
Car DoorM.S. Collapsible Door
Landing Gate on each LevelM.S. Collapsible Door
No. of Doors6 Doors
ControlMicro Processor DN Collective
Motor Machine10 HP Hindustan Make S4 Crane Duty, Fabricated Gear Box
Machine Roommtr3500*2300*4 Height
Power Supply15VAC3Ph50Hz Mains & 230 V Control
Digital Up/Dn Arrow Position Indicator All Landings4 Segment
Luminous Call IndicatorAll Landing
Door Open BellIf Car Door & Landing Door Open
Fault Indicator In Control PanelAll Display Show
Button OperationFeather Touch Button & Call Registration Light
Over Speed ProtectionElectrical & Mechanical Safety
Single Phase ProtectionVsp Card Board
Phase Failure ProtectionVsp Card Board
Terminal Limit SwitchYes
Emergency Stop SwitchYes
Interlocking SwitchesYes
Reverse Phase ProtectionYes
Lift Should Not Operate If Any Gates Not Properly Closed.Yes
Light Indication Showing Gates In Open ConditionYes
Break Releasing Lever And De- Locking Key For Emergency Escape During Break-Down/Power Failure.Yes


Control Panel and Wiring: The controller is a microprocessor-based controller designed for passenger lift. Microprocessor system to control all elevators functions efficiently and offers improved reliability, flexibility, and safety. The controller designs meet the code requirement of Indian standards and achieve efficient performance with high safety. Microprocessor down collective panel with call registration light and Indicator Up and Down, signal arrow fault indicator, Single Phase Protection, Overload Protection, Phase Failure Protection, Terminal Limit Switch, Emergency Stop Switch, Interlocking Switches, Reverse Phase Protection, Maintenance service system, 25 AMP Up and Down contactor Siemens/L&T make. 1 set.

Cabling: Supply and Fixing of required Elevator Wiring in Machine Room, Call Button Pendant Wiring, Cabin Dangling Wires, Door Limit Switch Wiring, Floor Limit Switch Wiring in copper 1 mm, 2 Core, 4 Core & 12 Core round flexible cable ISI Poly cab make and PVC wiring glands and GI cable tray. 1 set

Pendant: Supply and Fixing of Floor control panel powder coating box and Avon switches for industrial use. Ground floor switches plus calls registration light + 1st-floor call switch and call registration light plus rotating switch for cabin door. 2nd-floor call switch and call registration light + Emergency stop switch Up and Down indicator, floor position indicator.

Landing Door: MS collapsible manual door. Size: 2200mm x 3000mm with handle, bearings and casting gibes and rubber stopper bumper and MS painted door frame 65 x 6mm ISA and square bar of 25mm and electrical and mechanical door locks for every floor. 4 Sets

Cabin Door: MS collapsible door. Size: 2200mm x 3000mm with handle, bearings and casting gibes and rubber stopper bumper and MS painted door frame 65 x 6mm ISA and a square bar of 25mm and electrical and mechanical door locks for cabin door. 2 sets

Cabin: MS powder coated 2mm thick cabin panel for three side and top CNC machine cut sheet metal frame with LED lamp light. The bottom is MS platform with 5mm S.S. 304 checker plate. 1 set

Guide rail: MS guide ‘T’ rail heavy size 89mmx 12mm machined with fixing a plate and supporting Brackets, (Top bracket and Base bracket). Guide fixing MS Flats with CSK clip and fasteners 4 sets

Guide shoe: Supply and Fixing of MS Guide Shoe heavy duty with PVC soft liner 12mm guide rail 8 sets

Spring Buffer: Supply and Fixing of heavy duty spring buffer 4 sets

Speed Governor and Safety Block System: 6mm Dia Wire Rope Single loop with Pulleys, actuator levers, safety block (4 nos) fitted on safety frame top and actuated when the speed of cabin exceeds pre-set level. 1 set

Special Note on our System: Landing door is locked electro- mechanically. The presence of the Cabin will enable the respective Landing door to open. When Landing door and Car door is open on any floor, all other floors will show indication. No Siren for Cabin and Landing door open is provided. Up and down Final Limit switches safety is provided for Reverse and Forward. We have provided an Automatic Rescue ARD Unit for Battery Back-up to lower the Lift to the nearest lower.

landing in the event of Main Power Failure, a Special Weighing Indicator with Display weight is provided.



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