NIDO walk behind scrubber drier is high efficiency equipment combined with scrubbing, washing, suction and drying functions. It has easy guidance, excellent steering and a high degree of maneuverability.


  ND-ICE-SD17ND-ICE-SD20 (Available in AC & DC)
Brush Diamm430 (17 in)510 (20 in)
Squeegee Widthmm700800
Solution Tankl4055
Recovery Tankl4560
Brush Driving Mode--metal gear reducemetal gear reduce
Brush Speedrpm180180
Brush loadkg2526
Brush Motorw750750
Suction Motorw600600
Driving System--Brush assistedBrush assisted
Cleaning Efficiencymsqr/h15001800
Power SupplyV/Hz220-230/50220-230/50
Additional Pressure for Brush--YesYes
Dirty water level sensor--YesYes
Driving Speed Adjust--yesyes
Solution Level Checking Hose--yesyes
Cleaning Efficiency Factors : Floor type, ground level, operator training and proficiency of operator, operator walks faster he can do more and if floor very dirty need to be in the same spot longer and if found dust on floor then need to clean dust first before use scrubber drier. Theoretical value doesn't consider break for refilling fresh water and dumping dirty water and clean tank, clean hose, brush, squeeze, filter also mandatory.


  • Fashion compact design,light and flexible,easy to operate
  • Transparent cover for the recovery tank, easy to check the situation inside the tank;.
  • Brush system with automatic assembly and disassembly design without any tools for operation
  • Ametek suction motor from Italy, more efficient and endurable
  • The angle of the squeegee pressing to the floor is adjustable
  • The brush-plate and squeegee can lift easily.
  • User-friendly design.
  • Big capacity water tanks
  • Good vision for operation
  • Adjustable handle design, operator can always find comfortable working position;