Single Mast Self Propelled Aluminium Work Platform

Model Number : ND-AWP-SP-6 (I), ND-AWP-SP-7.5 (I)
HSN Code : 84289090
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Main Specs : AC Power to Platform, platform Working Light, extension platform, emergency Stop System, tilting protection system, buzzer, horn, forklift slots, charging protection system

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NIDO mobile single mast aluminium work platforms are widely used to for the installation and maintenance of the narrow spaces such as hotels, modern workshops, business halls, lobbies, railway stations etc. Low energy consumption, no pollution, no damage to the grounds. Mainly to be used for indoor maintenance, repair work User can control the lifting operation directly from the platform. The aerial work platform mast structure is made with aluminium material.


Model ND-AWP-SP-6 (I)ND-AWP-SP-7.5 (I)
Lift Capacitykg125125
Platform Occupancy Maxm67.5
Stowed Lengthm1.361.36
Stowed Widthm0.790.79
Stowed Heightm1.981.98
Platform Sizem0.78*0.700.78*0.70
Ground Clearancem0.050.05
Maximum Working Slope°1.51.5
Driving Wheelm0.23*0.080.23*0.08
Front Tyrein88
Driving MotorV/kw2*24/0.42*24/0.4
Lifting MotorV/kw24-Feb24-Feb
Power SourceV/Ah2*12/1202*12/120


Standard Configuration:

  • Auxiliary Lowering Device
  • Big Level Guage
  • Emergency Stop Button
  • Anti-burst System
  • Limit Switches
  • Short Circuit & Leakage Protection System

For different working purpose & working condition, it can be changed to

  • Towing Type: Equipped in chassis heightening design with inflammable wheels for convenient moving.
  • Truck-mounted Type: Installed in the bed cover of pickup or trucks for long distance aerial working.
  • Insulated Type: Work Platform is made of insulating material for places required insulated condition.
  • Flameproof Type: Three key parts made for explosion proof purposes: electric box, socket, and plug for special places which require explosion proof circumstances.

Single Mast Self Propelled Aluminium Work Platform Features List


  • Proportional Controls
  • DC Power Supply
  • Drivable at Full Height
  • Beacon
  • Non -marking Tyres
  • 2WD
  • Automatic Braking System
  • Anti-burst Valve on Cylinder
  • Cylinder Burst Valve
  • Emergency Stop Button
  • Auxiliary Lowering
  • On-board Diagnostic System
  • Tilt Sensor with Alarm
  • Forklift Pockets
  • Over Charge Protection
  • All Motion Alarm
  • Horn
  • Double Wheel Brake
  • Hydraulic Brake Release
  • Anti-dust Cover on the Mast
  • Powder Coated Painting
  • Gel Type Battery
  • Hour Meter
  • Battery Indicator
  • Pothole Protection


  • AC Power to Platform
  • Overload Sensor with Alarm
  • Platform Working Light
  • Air Tube to the Platform
  • Platform Extension
  • Self-lock Gate on Platform (Hinge Type)
  • Machine Body Cover
  • Wireless Tracking
  • Two Bigger Rubber Wheels by Hydraulic Turning
  • Front Wheel Change


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