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Movable Semi Automatic Pallet Strapping Machine

Model No: ND-EOLP-ST-JD008
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The Handheld strapping machine is suitable for PP PET plastic straps, this machine is ergonomic, humanization design is upgrade the comfortable of operation The difference from the traditional handheld strapping machine : the machine body is light High efficiency, energy saving
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Machine DimensionsL 950 x W 750 x H 1250 mm
Net Weight112kg
Pallet SizeWidth ≤ 2000, Height ≤ 3000 mm
Strap MaterialPP / PET
Strap Thickness0.6 to 1.3 mm
Strap Width12 to 19 mm
Applicable Strap SpoolPP Strap (roll core 200MM, roll core height 180MM)
PET Strap (roll core 406MM, roll core height 150MM)
Charging Time2.5 hrs
No. of Straps in single chargeUp to 600 nos. depend pallet size
Noise Level79 dB


  • The mobile strapping equipment adopts innovative chain spool rolling technology.
  • The chain pass carries strap through the bottom of the pallet and around the pallet, as the operator grabs the strap then the chain spool be sent back to machine body.
  • Then operator join both ends of strap & insert it into Battery Powered Strapping Tool to complete the strapping operation.
  • This system is designed based on ergonomics, single operator can strap the pallets without bending over, thereby reducing operator fatigue.
  • Central integrated lithium battery power supply, short charging time and long operation time.
  • For man-machine interaction – intelligent touch screen HMI can adjust packaging
    parameters, more convenient and fast.


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