Easy access to the lowest pallets & container with the minimum floor clearance of 51 mm only. A handy choice to handle the low pallets which can only be handled by counterbalance forklifts.


Model No. ND-LOW-1500-1150-540-51XND-LOW-1500-1220-685-51X
Capacity Qkg15001500
Min. Fork Height hmm5151
Max. Fork Height h1mm165165
Lifting Heightmm114114
Fork Length Lmm11501220
Single fork width eMm160*37160*37
Width overall Forks Bmm540685
Fork Wheel - Singlemm50*9050*90
Fork wheel -Tandemmm50 *7050*70
Steering Wheel Amm180*50180*50


The low profile pallet truck with 51 mm lowered height ,ideal for applications using low-clearance pallets and load ledges to maximize space.

  • Nido Low Profile Pallet Truck with 1500 Kgs capacity, offers users with simple, economic and reliable handling equipment.
  • Top class range of pallet trucks with excellent designs.
  • Professional and ideal storage aid for all variety of manual transport tasks over short distances in stores and warehouse as well as factory plants.
  • Reliable,  sturdy,  torsion-resistant due to its extremely strong high-quality steel profile.
  • All  pivots  points  are  greased  ensures  excellent  maneuverability  with  effortless  steering  The chromed bearing bushes and joint ensure quiet running properties and particularly long service.


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