Jib Arm & Cranes Systems

Model Number : ND-JIB
HSN Code : 84263000
Stock: In-Stock
Main Specs : Can mount on ceiling or floor. Move manually or remote control. It can be single or double girder. Portable Jib crane option also available.

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Wall or floor mounted jib arms provide great range of motion for your lifting. TAWI Jib Cranes are robust and reliable, easily modified for specific customer requirements.

A jib arm gives a wide range of motion, ideal for high frequency lifting and efficient handling of most types of goods.

  • TAWI Jib Cranes are
  • a cost-efficient alternative
  • floor mounted, wall mounted or portable
  • a flexible suspension system for all types of lifters
  • swiveling with great range of motion

Lifting with great range of motion
If you need to lift and move material freely within a limited space, TAWI jib cranes offer a cost-efficient solution with optimal range of motion, taking up minimal space in your facilities.

With a selection of standard jib cranes, and the ability to modify cranes to customer requests, we can always find an ideal solution for your business needs. If mobility is important, articulating jib arms offer a great range of motion, while portable jibs can be moved around your facilities to be used wherever you need them. When you only need to lift in one place, an over braced jib crane is the strongest and most stable solution.

In some industries cleanliness is key, which is why all TAWI jib cranes are available in stainless steel models, ideal for facilities with high sanitary requirements. Sometimes ceiling height is an issue and an under braced jib is the solution that will facilitate ergonomic lifting. Regardless what you need to lift, or where you need to lift, we will help you find the best system to make lifting easy and efficient.
TAWI jib cranes can handle up to 125 kilos, with a range of motion from 180-270 degrees. Jib arms made of steel, aluminium, or stainless steel with arm lengths up to 6 meters means that we can meet your needs, no matter where you are.


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