Hydrualic Jack

Model Number : ND-JK-LJ Series
HSN Code : 84279000
Stock: In-Stock
Main Specs : Available with 5 ton, 10 ton & 25 ton capacity, Compact design, Can be used in any position, adjustable lowering speed, Removable pump lever CE safety standard Read more

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Nido hydraulic jacks are used for repairs, maintenance & installation of heavy machines.


Model ND-JK5ND-JK10ND-JK25
Rated Lifting Capacitykg50001000025000
Lifting Range of Toemm25-23030-26058-273
Lifting Range of Topmm368-573420-650505-720
Loan on Operating HandleN380400400
Net Weightkg2535102
Packing Sizemm36.5*20*4338*22.5*48.554*32*61.5


Safety Precautions:

  • Use this jack on the steady land where the surface can afford the load.
  • Keep a sure amount load during lifting.
  • Overload use is not allowed.
  • Place where is unsteady or dangerous is not allowed to use this jack.
  • Broken, unqualified or senescent ones are not allowed to be used.
  • An unsteady load can cause the jack load slip.


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