Model Number : ND-Hoist
HSN Code : 84254900
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Main Specs : Hoist is Speedy & Efficient, Cost-efficient & Sustainable, easy to install and maintenance.

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Need a hoist that can lift heavy and withstand rough conditions? Our chain hoist is reliable, durable and safe to use all the way from ATEX-classified facilities to outdoors environment.

TAWI chain hoist is easy to use, reliable and safe in operation, long-lasting and easy to maintain. The hoist is simple in its structure and does not contain any sensitive electronics, which minimises the risk of operational interruptions. An ergonomic control switch allows convenient and safe working. Push buttons placed in parallel increase the ease of operation. An external strain relief protects the control cable.

The chain hoist and the control switch both have protection class IP65, meaning that they are dust proof and protected against water jets. With its compact and robust design, the hoist is well suited for dusty environments as well as for outdoor operation.

This reliable chain hoist is used everywhere where process safety is important; in hard three-shift operations in automotive industry and other high production industries, in dusty or chemical aggressive environments, for outdoor use, and for extreme lifting heights. The safety factor of the load chain is at least 8 which reduces wear and tear and increases the service life.

Repair and maintenance is done very simply and quickly which makes the chain hoist very economical to maintain. Its high reliability minimises the risk of production downtime and potentially high downtime costs.

This reliable chain hoist for heavy lifting comes in several models, handling up to 1 600 kilos. Get in touch and we will guide you to the right model for your needs.

  • Lifting capacity: <2500 kg
  • IP-rating: IP65 (suitable for outdoor use)
  • Chain safety factor: min 8-times (FEM, 2m, ISO, M5)
  • 42 V low voltage control
  • Low-wear DC-spring-loaded brake
  • Minimum 1 600 operating hours with 40% duty cycle, 240 s/h (FEM: 2m, ISO M5)


TAWI ViperHoist lifts anything from boxes to tyres. Contact us and we’ll guide you to the right tools for your needs.

  • Lifting capacity: <120 kg
  • Lifting speed: <0.75 m/s
  • Power supply: 230 V +/-10%
  • Lifting height: 2000 mm
  • Speed control: variable
  • Frequency: 47-63 Hz

This speedy wire rope hoist lets you handle most types of goods with optimal speed and precision.

  • Grp reels from the core or from the outside
  • Tilt or rotate to desired position
  • Variable speed control for great accuracy
  • Ergonomic and user-friendly, allowing everyone to lift
  • Comfortable joystick handle for one-hand control
  • Lift groups of containers for optimal efficiency
  • Tools for handling cannisters of various shapes and sizes
  • Custom made accessories for weighing the load
  • Lift sacks without leaving any marks
  • Tools for handling all types of woven sacks
  • The tool holds the load while you empty the sack
  • The tool adapts to the size of the box
  • Tools for gripping all types of components
  • One- or two-handed handle for optimal control of the load


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