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Continental Press On Band Tyre

Model Number : MH20/MC20
HSN Code : 40129020
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Main Specs : Excellent stability, minimum vibration, maximum dry traction, low rolling resistance, long service life Read more
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To meet the full span of different requirements Continental offer a large programme of tyres, in toughest conditions theses rubber tyres provide a failsafe & maintenance free solution.


  • The elastic steel-based press-on band offers the smallest possible size for the ultra-heavy loads.
  • The press-on band consists of a steel ring with a vulcanised-on rubber cushion. This structure provides for good heat dissipation, via the steel ring, and the best possible adhesive of rubber to steel.
  • The steel-based tyres attain outstanding mileage performance, even under full utilization of their speed and load potential.
  • The sturdy steel ring allows for easy mounting and effectively protects sides on the rim.
  • Elastic tyres with several wire reinforcement have several wire cores embedded in a tyre base made of special tough, hard rubber compound. This design gives a tyre particularly a close fit on the rim through high friction between rubber & steel rim.
  • This proven design permits remarkably high load capacities.
  • The light colored clean version corresponds to the compound used in the CSE tyres, and so it cannot leave any traces of black rubber even under braking.
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