Carton Edge Sealer (H Type Carton Sealer)

Model Number : ND-EOLP-CS-JFX-5060
HSN Code : 84224000
Stock: In-Stock
Main Specs : 4 side edge sealing, Seals both top and bottom flaps, can be equipped into automatic carton packing system

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NIDO Semi-Automatic Carton Edge Sealer is suitable for all types of cartons.
After center taping operation, the carton is pushed in 90° to seal the four corners. It need to manually adjust the size of the carton when the carton size changes. The carton is driven by the upper and lower belts. It is fast and stable when sealing.
It is suitable for those customers who have requirement of high standard of the outer packaging, or those who require strict protection for internal products. It always works with a Centre Taping Machine (either Semi-Automatic or Flap Folding type).


VoltageV/HzAC 220/50
Compressed air pressurebar5 - 6
Min. Carton Size (W×H×L)mm320×200×180
Max. Carton Size (W×H×L)mm600×500×500
Taping Speedm/min20
Adhesive Tape UsedBOPP, PVC, Kraft Paper Tape
Height of Tablemm700-850
Width of Adhesive Tapemm76
Weight of Packagekg2.5-30
External Dimension (L×W×H)mm2300×1300×1650
Net Weightkg400


  • Auto sealing of top and bottom edges
  • Manually adjusted carton sizes
  • The Corner-type Carton Sealer is used easily and safely with low malfunction rate
  • Four sides and corners are sealed at the same time quickly and smoothly with the advantages of
    beauty, high efficiency, and manpower-saving.



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