>>>Automatic Flap Folding Carton Sealer

Automatic Flap Folding Carton Sealer

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  • Model Number: ND-EOLP-CS-FJ-3B

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  • Main Specs: Side belt drive, Folds top flaps, Convey & seal the carton boxes, Can be connected to fully automatic production line

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Power supply:3P  380V  50Hz  1200W
Machine dimensions:mmL2000×W1100×H(table height+1300)
Machine weight:kg820
Worktable height: mm550-750(adjustable)
Conveying speed:m/min19 m/min
Carton dimensions:mmL(250-500),W(200-450),H(150-400)
Adhesive tape specifications:mm48-72
Adhesive tape material:Kraft paper or BOPP
Air pressurekgf/cm²5-6
Noise emission:dB(A)≤75
Environmental conditions:Relative humidity ≤98%, temperature 0-40℃


Machine Features:

  • Automatic adjustment for different carton width and height; Side belts drive;
  • Automatically fold carton top flaps;
  • Automatically convey and seal the carton boxes;
  • Suitable to connect to full automatic production line.

Work Flow:

  • Connect to the power supply, and the power indicator is on; connect the air supply;
  • Press the START button, the machine starts, ready for work;
  • Without folding the carton flaps, push a carton box to the sensor at the inlet;
  • The sensor activates and the machine will automatically adapt itself to the carton size;
  • The machine will automatically fold carton top flaps, the taping head will seal the carton box, the finished carton box will be output through the belts.