Project Description

Automated Dimensioning & Weighing for large and heavy cartons is designed for use in distribution, receiving, storage, cataloging and outbound shipping operations.

With a PC-based interface, called NidoWorkz, the device is capable of buffering thousands of data records, can interface to barcode scanner, label printing device and can comunicate directly with your manifesting or warehouse management application.

A high-resolution, digital camera or network camera can be integrated to allow for convenient and reliable documentation of freight damage.

With our Camera add-on, you can easily capture the images of the items you are measuring and save them into your PC.

For the Applications such as Warehouse & Distribution,

  • It Eliminates manual data entry and protects data integrity
  • It Provides data for storage location selection, carton selection & shipment planning
  • It Provides data for use in facility layout, pallet stacking and load optimization software packages
  • Interfaces directly to manifesting and warehouse management software systems