Put to light system

Pick to light system (PTL) is a order fulfillment support system by using light module. The operator simply walks to the storage location where the light illuminates and picks the number of items to be picked. The same process can be done to sort the items which is popularly known as “Put to light system”.

Advantages of the PTL system

  • Increase Speed, 30-50% increases in Pick rate Productivity

  • Effectively Use of Space

  • Prevent Manual Errors, 99.99 % accuracy rates

  • Save labor cost, other operational costs.

  • Deal with massive workloads, shorter order cycle time

  • Manage Work History

Put to light systems
Put to light system
Put to light system

Various Applications of PTL System:

  • Pick To Light – Order Fulfillment

  • Pick To Light – Manufacturing

  • Put To Light – Ecommerce Sortation

  • Pack To Light – Retail Store Replenishment

  • Picking Cart- Batch Picking Solution for Grocery Industry

  • Zone Free Pick To Light – Scan Free Pick to Light

PTL System Architecture:

Put to light system architecture

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