ERIS 1500 Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)

ERIS 1500 is a heavy duty Automated Guided Vehicle capable of transporting upto 1500 kgs with a fixed path navigation utilizing magnetic tape, colour tape & RFID tag. Powered with NIDONav, this robot runs on a fail architecture that is tested rigorously in the chaos of Indian Industries.

  • Attachments: Roller Conveyor, Dual Belt Conveyor, Trolley Tunneling, Lifter.

  • Navigation: Magnetic tape, QR code, RFID.

  • Safety features: Collision Avoidance, Emergency Stop, Visual & Audible Warnings, Front & Back Safety Sensors.

  • Charging Method: Easy Battery Swap & Auto Dock Charging.

  • Gadgets: Display, Call Station Integration, Envelope Safety.

ERIS 1500 Mechanical Specifications
S. No.CategorySpecifications
1AGV Dimensions1800 x 1100 x 400 mm
2General Rated Payload1500
3Robot weight (kg)500
4Weight (with battery)560
5Chassis ground clearance20 mm
6NavigationTape Guided Navigation
8Max Speed (Without Load)1.5 m/s
9Max Speed (With Load)1.2m/s
10Turning Radius0 (In Place turn with Load is possible)
11AGV ColourDual Colour Scheme – NIDO Orange (RAL 2012) and
Black (RAL 8022)
12Drive ModeDifferential Drive
13Rotation diameter1900mm
14Laser scanning height320 mm
ERIS 1500 Performance Parameters
S. No.CategorySpecifications
1Passability (slope/step/gap)2-5 Degree
2MIN. passable width1300 mm
3Navigation position accuracy30mm +-
4Navigation angle accuracy3 degree +-
5Navigation speed (Average Recommended)0.8 m/s
6Service Life10 Years
7Gradient of Floor1 : 12
8Operating Temperature5 to 45°C
10IP Grade31
11Industrial Standard ComplianceANSI B56
12Individual Components - Certification AdherenceYes
13Static DischargingYes
ERIS 1500 Electrical and Network Ratings
S. No.CategorySpecifications
1AGV voltage Rating24V
2Minimum Runtime (50 % Duty cycle)6 hours
3Battery TypeVRLA/Li Ion
4Charging MethodManual Battery Swap/ Autodock charging
5Battery specifications24 V 50 Ah
6Battery charging time3 hours
7Comprehensive battery life8 Hours
8Charging time (10-80%)2 Hours
9Battery cyclesMin 2000
10NetworkEthernet / Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
11WiFi ClientYes
ERIS 1500 Safety Parameters
S. No.CategorySpecifications
1Emergency Stops2
2Provision to move the AGV on BreakdownYes
3Static DischargingYes
4Debris Protection using Bumper and BrushOptional
5Teach PendantYes
6Number of lidar2
7Number of low-position obstacle avoidance photoelectric4
8Cargo detectionOptional
9SpeakerYes, Configurable
10Bumper stripOptional
11High Accuracy Positioning System20 +- mm accuracy

ERIS 1500 is a heavy duty Automated Guided Vehicle capable of transporting upto 1500 kgs with a fixed path navigation utilizing magnetic tape, colour tape & RFID tag. Powered with NIDONav, this robot runs on a fail architecture that is tested rigorously in the chaos of Indian Industries.

It can pull a trolley of upto 250 kgs with ease. Integrate ERIS robots with call station, warehouse management system or manufacturing and experience smooth material movement across your factory floor.

Installing a ERIS 1500 requires no changes to the layout. It can swiftly be integrated with any existing setup in manned or unmanned areas.
Robots in this series are capable of handling their own battery and charging systems. With easy battery swap or with Auto Dock charging solution, you can choose a robot that fits perfectly in your operations.

ERIS 1500 is completely designed, programmed and manufactured in-house by NIDO, giving us the edge to customize our solutions for your needs. With the power of NIDOFleet, you can now run multiple robots in your facility with perfect co-ordination

  • Can be deployed with minimum infrastructure modifications – Our AGVs are intelligent enough to seamlessly integrate into your existing process to create a friendly ecosystem.
  • Allows businesses to target skilled labour shortage.
  • Our AGVs provide a safe and secure passage of materials inside your distribution centers which helps to increase the process efficiency and performance with minimal human intervention.
  • Enables businesses to drive throughput and process delivery with scalability and flexibility.
  • Current processes no longer form a bottleneck and can be adapted as per the specific needs without infrastructure modifications.
  • Modular and scalable with a variety of connectivity modules.
  • Can be customized with multiple attachments for specific application needs.
  • User friendly software to manage and monitor the AGV fleet from a single interface with analytics option.
  • ROI in 1.5 to 2.5 years.
ERIS 1500 Roller Power Conveyor
Height of conveyor by Defualt400mm (Customizable)
Loading Space Available630 x 430
Conveyor Avg Speed0.2 m/s (Customizable)
Weight of Conveyor35 kg
Safety on ConveyorState Checks for Loaded/Unloaded
ERIS 1500 Lifter
MAX. lifting height60 mm
Lifting time2 seconds
Lifting platform dimensions630 x 430
Distance between trolley legs required500 mm
Minimum height of trolley base
ERIS 1500 Tunneling
Minimum Height of Trolley Base250
Minimum Distance between
trolley legs required
Trolley AttachmentProvided by NIDO
ERIS 1500 Manual Tugging
Trolley Requirement2 Swivel and 2 Fixed Castor
Trolley AttachmentProvided by NIDO
Towing Capacity150 kg
ERIS 1500 Add-ons
S. No.Category
1Roller Power Conveyor
2Trolley Tunnelling
3Trolley Tugging
6Envelope Safety
7Easy Battery Swap
8Auto Dock Charging
  • Manual Battery Swap
  • Autodock Charging

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