ERIS 100 / 500 / 1500 Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)

Our ERIS Series Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) are built with a unique modular architecture to move your material & processes. It allows for fixed path navigation utilizing magnetic tape, colour tape & RFID tag, carefully programmed by our team at the time of installation.

  • Modular design for faster movement.

  • Transportation of payloads upto 100 / 500 / 1500 kgs.

  • Attachment options – Lifting, tugging, conveyors & unit load.

  • Navigation options: magnetic tape, QR code, RFID.

  • Safety features: collision avoidance, emergency stop, visual & audible warnings, front & back safety sensors.

  • Know more about our software and control architecture: Click here

  • Can be deployed with minimum infrastructure modifications – Our NIDObots series AGVs are intelligent enough to seamlessly integrate into your existing process to create a friendly ecosystem.
  • Allows businesses to target skilled labour shortage.
  • Our NIDObots series AGVs provide a safe and secure passage of materials inside your distribution centers which helps to increase the process efficiency and performance with minimal human intervention.
  • Enables businesses to drive throughput and process delivery with scalability and flexibility.
  • Current processes no longer form a bottleneck and can be adapted as per the specific needs without infrastructure modifications.
  • Modular and scalable with a variety of connectivity modules.
  • Can be customized with multiple attachments for specific application needs.
  • User friendly software to manage and monitor the AGV fleet from a single interface with analytics option.
  • ROI in 1.5 to 2.5 years.
AGV Dimensions800 x 500 x 350 mm1200 x 750 x 350 mm1800 x 1100 x 400 mm
AttachmentsLift, Tug, Conveyor, Unit Load
NavigationMagnetic Tape, RFID, QR codeMagnetic Tape, RFID
Pay Load100 kg500 kg1500 kg
Towing Capacity250 kg750 kg2000 kg
Max Speed1.0 m/sec
Robot weight (kg)80 kg300 kg500 Kg
Turning Radius0 mm (On the spot turn capable)
Emergency Stops224
Minimum Runtime (50 % Duty cycle)8 Hours
Battery charging timeWithin 4 Hr
Battery TypeVRLA
Provision to move the AGV on BreakdownYes
Static DischargingConductive Roller Mechanism
AGV voltage Rating24V
Charging TypeContact Type Auto Docking
AGV ColourDual Colour Scheme – NIDO Orange (RAL 2012) and Black (RAL 8022)
Display4 inch
Debry Protection using Bumper and BrushFront & Rear
Teach PendantManual Pendant
WiFi ClientYes
Gradient of Floor
Service Life6-8 years depending on specification
Operating Temperature5 to 45°C
IP Grade21
CertificationsInternational - CE,ANSI B56
Individual Components - Certification AdherenceYes
Safety Features
Safety StandardsUp to SIL III
Non-Contact Safety SensorFront LIDARs, with field switching and flexible safety zones
Protection Field180°-210° in direction of motion (unidirectional)
360° all around safety (bidirectional), [customizable]
Contact Safety SensorFront and Back
Emergency Stops2/4 Emergency stops - Front and Back conforming with safety standards
Audio and Visual IndicationYes – Alarm Buzzer and LED with colour coding for error and alarm status

From the smallest detail drawings for the mechanical structures to the complete hardware and navigation architecture, we have our team of skilled engineers who can prepare a tailor-made plan as per your requirements.

  • Experience a hassle free pre-sales process with our expert technical sales team.
  • Integrate your human power with your robots with ease.
  • Detailed Proposal and solution designing for all your needs.
  • Fast Deployments and faster modifications with our state of the art software.
  • Experienced and innovative team of engineers.

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