With the rapid growing of ecommerce and CEP industry, it has been a challenge for the fulfillment centers and the courier delivery services to handle the rising volumes of packages and delivering them to the right location within it’s specified time duration. In order to ensure that the parcels reach the destination faster with reliability, it’s important that the sorting stations are equipped with the right sortation system which can efficiently handle and sort the large volume of packages.

Nido Sortation solutions automate the processing and sorting system in your distribution center starting from the receipt of good till sorting and dispatching, preventing wastage of time, materials and your valuable resources. Our one stop sorting solution are designed to turbo charge your sorting process from start to finish with great accuracy and throughput.

Our Sorters will help you with:

Types of Sorters we provide

Cross Belt Sorter

Steerable Wheel Sorter

Lifting Transfer Sorter

Swing Arm Sorter


 Swing arm sorterLifting transfer SorterModular Belt sorterSteerable Wheel SorterCross Belt Sorter
Product Typecartons, woven bagscartons, flexible packaging, envelopes flat piecescartons, flexible packaging, envelopes flat pieces, woven bagscartons, envelopes flat piecescartons, flexible packaging, envelopes flat pieces, woven bags
Diverting angle90 degree (one side)90 degree (both side)90 degree (both side)45 degree, 60 degree & 90 degree90 degree (both side)
Throughput≤ 3000PPH≤ 3000PPH6000PPH≤ 7000PPH≤ 21000PPH
Parcel size allowed in mm100*10*3 to 900*700*700140*140*1 to 900*600*600150 X 5 X 3 to 1000*800*60088*50*1 to 900*800*800150 X 5 X 3 to 1000*800*600
Max. weight≤ 20kg≤ 8kg≤ 20kg≤ 50kg≤ 30kg
Running speed≤ 1.5m/s≤ 1.5m/s≤ 1.5m/s≤ 1.8m/s≤ 2.1m/s


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