2020 has truly been a challenging year for all on many counts. It has taken a toll on individuals and businesses – emotionally, physically and financially. It has made us rethink most of the things we take for granted and do not appreciate in our everyday lives. It has given us the time to stop for a moment and rethink our priorities. It has made us adapt and find new ways of doing things.

NIDO has been no different. It has made us appreciate the team, the partners, the customers, the industry and the community we are a part of immensely. The year has made us take a stock of where we are, where we want to be and what is needed to be done in these challenging & uncertain times to reach our goals.

Adapting to the situations at hand, being agile and making things happen has been the foundation on which NIDO has flourished. The situation at hand made us fast track these things. From setting up systems and processes, to increasing the team size; from adding divisions, factory and offices, to developing our entire range of automation products; from achieving our highest quarterly numbers to making our first CSR related donations – NIDO has moved swiftly. Team NIDO has been resilient and the resolve to deliver to our customers has made us a stronger unit.

As we end 2020 and move into 2021 we are grateful for being safe, thankful for the opportunities to serve our customers, proud of the team we have and eager to achieve more ahead.

I wish everyone all the very best for the new year 2021.
Stay safe, healthy and happy.