Static / in-motion dimensioning and weighing system
  • Static cubing & dimensioning systems for regular as well as odd-shaped items, i.e: boxes, bags, apparels, spare parts, long pipes, bottles, jewelries.

  • In-motion / dynamic cubing & dimensioning systems for conveying, scanning, weighing, labeling and sorting of moving items.

  • Software with user friendly interface to gather, validate and transfer data to many types of host systems and databases.

  • Hardware and software can be customized as per your requirements.

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Cubiscan is a dimensioning, weighing and scanning system that captures barcode, dimensions, weight, dimensional/volumetric weight & image which can be used for parcel shipping, warehousing, receiving, distribution and freight manifesting.

The data captured by the machine can be saved in your local PC or can be pushed directly to your WMS.  We have dedicated application called NidoWorkz to manage cube & weight data captured by our DWS Systems.

Depends on your throughput requirements and the items you want to measure. If most of the items are odd-shaped like jewellery, apparels, bottles and spare parts, we recommend using Cubiscan 25 or Cubiscan 325. Similarly if most of the items are box-shaped/ Cuboidal, you may go for Cubiscan 100 IN or Cubiscan 110 ND or Cubiscan 150 ND. Tell us your requirements by submitting the above “Request a Quote” form. One of our product experts will get in touch with you.

We provide 8 user-defined fields which can be enabled or disabled depending your requirement. These fields can be made mandatory or optional.

By enabling the image capture function in the software, you can capture image(s) of an item by using a digital camera. This image will be stored with the unique identifier (item barcode).

Yes, We have our Capella Dynamic DWS system that can help you capture barcode, dimensions, weight and image of the items moving on a conveyor line.