Automated guided vehicles and mobile robots are making their way into the food and beverage plants for moving raw materials and finished products around the manufacturing area. Although the main motive behind using AGVs and AMRs is to replace the manned vehicles and bring down the labour and operatioal costs, they also have other benefits like reduced item damage, multi shift operation and cost effectiveness.

Flexible & Scalable

Rather than hiring 10-12 forklift drivers for a multi shifyt operation, the same AGV can cover all the shifts without taking a break or being tired. With AGVs and AMRs you will be able to grow your business with right flexibility and scalability.

Increased safety

Handling the products safely is always a big concern for Food & Beverage plants, especially when the workers get tired after doing repititive tasks. With AGVs you can ensure increased safety and less product damage. They are able to do the same repititive tasks multiple times with same efficiency and productivity.

Eliminating labour shortage:

Labour shortage is a real issue in the manufacturing applications. With Covid19 pandemic is going on and half of the workforce is back to their home, it;s difficult to get the right skilled manpower to carryout the jobs. Unmanned vehicles can be an ideal choice in this situation. They never take breaks and vacations, works 24/7 with the same aggression.

Faster ROI

The return on investment in most of the cases is 2-2.5 years. For example, you are using four forklifts to transfer the finished materials from the manufacturing area to outbound area in your beverage plant, you can replace them with 2 AGVs with single or double attachments. This will improve the efficincy by 30-40% and the ideal ROI will be around 2 years.

Our AGV & AMR Solutions: