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  • Just push a call button and have the AGV at your station or use an AGV in patrol mode and let it approach operator station automatically
  • To translocate a product from one place to another without the need of operator
  • To focus manpower on better application
  • To keep continuous process flow
  • To have transfer of materials in dangerous areas
  • To track the status of shipments inside the warehouse
  • To integrate with WMS and eliminate need to call the AGV manually
  • Or just to reduce cost in the long run : ROI calculator
  • Depends on Application
  • Depends on Up time of process
  • Depends on Throughput
  • Depends on Stops
  • Depends on map
  • As many as you want to
  • Colour Tape,
  • Magnetic Tape,
  • QR Code,
  • Natural Navigation

All of them have its pros and cons

  • Pallets
  • Trolleys
  • Individual cartons
  • Movable racks
  • AGV can be specially designed based on application and feasibility

Indoor application for now. Soon it’ll be for outdoor application as well

Depends on application, but easily more than 5 years

No, you can always change the number of AGVs in your loop. Once satisfied, you can add more AGVs in your project as and when required

No problem. We can always modify the path as and when required

Absolutely yes.
NIDO AGV can and will communicate with any existing warehouse management software.

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