Unmanned intelligent express strapping machine ND-D70A

This product is a patented product of the unmanned full intelligent express strapping machine independently developed by our company, which is specially designed for e-commerce logistics users. The whole machine is based on high-performance industrial control computer, and provides integrated solutions such as automatic measuring, automatic scanning, automatic weighing, error rejection, sealing film, automatic printing, and automatic pasting express order. At the same time, we can offer the mainstream ERP system and WMS system according to the customers ‘s needs. We provide the overall solution for the shipment of plastic film goods packaging for customers. This is the first full intelligent express strapping machine on the market which is suitable for occasions with large shipments and diverse product specifications.



  • Speed of up to 1200 bags/h

  • Servo motor and variable frequency control.

  • Photoelectric automatic detection.

  • Automatically joint the mainstream ERP system, WMS system

  • Intelligent adaptive

  • Save 30% of consumables.

  • High security

Technical Specifications

Packaging material specificationPE roll film Diameter: MAX 300mm Film thickness: 0.05-0.1 mm Film width: MAX 700mm
Packaged objectLength: 150-500mm Height: 10-200mm (width plus height needs less than 500mm) Width: 150-450mm Weight: MAX 15kg
Express order sizeWidth: MAX 100mm Length: MIN 60mm
Table height870mm
Packing speedMAX 1200 packs / hour
Human machine interfaceTouch screen, virtual keyboard
Display15-inch LCD
External communicationEthernet, USB, RS232
Gas source0.7-0.9MPa
Power supply3-phase AC380V, 50/60Hz Power: 10KW
Equipment sizeLength: 4350mm Width: 1300mm Height: 2020mm