Intelligent Express Strapping Machine ND-S60A

This product made for e-commerce customers and provides integrated solutions, Gathered code scanning, weighting, plastic bag packing, auto-sealing, printing express sheet and glueing and transportation. According to customer needs, can be connect with ERP or WMS or other system you are using.



  • No Errors
    Express order generated by the system and automatically printed and glue, without manual intervention. And it can prevent errors.

  • Labor Cost Saving
    Just one person to operate, can pack 650 bags per hour.

  • Electrostatic Eliminating
    Basis on scientific and technological to effectively eliminate electrostatic hazards, let work smoothly and reliably.

  • High Safety
    Prevent clamp, scald, Operational Error, Safe Handling.
  • Small Area, Easy Operation, High General duty

The Benefits of this Machine

  • The Sealing is firm and packaging is beautiful
    According to the Characteristics of the express bag, the vertical sealing system is specially designed to ensure the bag is strong. The Horizontal sealing knife adopts servo control system with high stability and high speed.
  • Provincial Consumables
    This Equipment can seal and cut the conventional express film, can adjust the length of the bag adaptively, without manual intervention and use of adhesive tape, helping the company to save 30% of consumables.
  • No Error
    In order to prevent the occurrence of the express order sheet, the face sheet of information is automatically generated by the system and automatically printed and pasted without any intervention.

Technical Specifications

Bag SpecificationPE Rolling Bag Thickness : 0.04-0.08mm Width : 200-560mm Length : 350-800mm
Express sheet sizeWidth:Max 100mm width:100mm,180mm, or Custom Made
SpeedMax 650 Pkg/H
man-machine interfaceMouse,Touch Screen,Virtual Keyboard
Screen12 LCD
External CommunicationEthernet, USB, RS232
Pneumatic Supply0.025m³/min 5Kg/cm³
PowerAC220V, 50/60Hz 1500W
Machine sizeL:1580mm W:850mm H:1420mm

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