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NIDO Dimension Weighing & Scanning (DWS) System provides high-value systems that generate labour efficiencies, improve order accuracy and increase velocity within order- fulfillment process, distribution, manifesting, warehousing and distribution, freight manifesting / auditing applications etc.

Our solutions may be combined as fully integrated systems or as a stand-alone system with future compatibility. We can also provide custom solution as per client need.

  • Static cubing & dimensioning systems for regular as well as odd-shaped items, i.e: boxes, bags, apparels, spare parts, long pipes, bottles, jewelries.

  • In-motion / dynamic cubing & dimensioning systems for conveying, scanning, weighing, labeling and sorting of moving items.

  • Software with user friendly interface to gather, validate and transfer data to many types of host systems and databases.

  • Direct interface with WMS / ERP / Shipping application via API, ODBC.

  • Custom import / export features, allowing data to be easily imported or exported into the majority of the warehousing and shipping software solutions.

  • Data transfer on real time / batch mode / FTP basis.

  • Integration with digital camera to capture images with each measurement.

  • Can be customized as per your requirements.

  • Scan the barcode >> Capture length, width, height, volumetric weight and image >> Transfer the data to WMS >> Print Label


    CS 100 IN

    ITEM TYPES : Small to Medium Boxes
    Maximum Capacity (LxBxH)  : 24” x 24“ x 36” (610 x 610 x 900 mm)
    Weight : 45 Kg

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    CS 125

    ITEM TYPES : Odd shaped items, boxes, parcels
    MAXIMUM CAPACITY (LxBxH) : Cuboidal: 24” x 30” x 36” (600 x 800 x 900 mm)
    Irregular: 18” x 18” x 12”
    WEIGHT : 25 Kg

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    ND 150S

    ITEM TYPES : Large Boxes
    MAXIMUM CAPACITY (LxBxH)  : 1400 x 1200 x 1200 mm
    WEIGHT : 150 Kg (Maximum)

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    CS 325

    ITEM TYPES : Odd shaped items, boxes, parcels
    MAXIMUM CAPACITY (LxBxH) : 36” x 24” x 24” (900 x 600 x 600 mm)
    WEIGHT : 25 Kg

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    NIDO Dynamic DWS system can capture image, scan barcode, weigh and measure dimensions of all the items passing through the system. The data provided can be used to plan capacity forecasts, manifestation, contingency planning, revenue protection and compliance. NIDO DWS has a modular design and therefore can be easily adapted to all application scenarios.

    NIDO DWS is overhead barcode reading system. Three cameras are used to capture image and barcodes on the parcels. It can read and decode 1D and 2D barcodes of various types. A 3D Camera is used to measure accurate dimensions of any object passing through the system. Any odd shaped items can also be recorded in the system. Finally, the integrated dynamic scale measures the weight of object in motion.

    Conveyor Belt Specification

    Length (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Speed (m/s)
    Weighing Conveyor180010008400.7-1.5

    Technical Specification :

    Product SizeLength (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Weight (mm)

    Barcode Specification

    1D Code typesCode 39, full ASCII Code 93, Code 128,
    Minimum Size : 10 mil
    2D Code typeQR, Datamatrix
    Minimum Size : 30 mil
    Maximum number of barcodes at a time4

    Environmental Condition

    Ambient Temperature0°C to 40°C
    Relative HumidityMax 95% non-condensing

    ** Above specifications are customizable as per customer requirements **


    Looking for a customized DWS system which isn’t listed above?

    We are here to help you. Send us your requirement with the complete details of your requirements and our designing team will get in touch with you.

    Send us a mail at or call us at 022 4225 6225.


    What happens to the data once you have it from the machine?

    NidoWorkz, our proprietary software, collects the data allowing you to format, store, validate, utilize and transfer it as needed.

    • Captures barcode, weight, dimensions (L x B x H), profile, shift, operator info and other input data.
    • Direct interface with WMS / shipping application via API, ODBC.
    • Custom import / export features, allowing data to be easily imported or exported automatically into the majority of the warehousing and shipping software solutions.
    • Data transfer on real time / batch mode / FTP basis. Can be pushed to client’s browser without any third party applications.
    • NidoWorkz can be integrated with Nido Conveyors and Sorters for seamless operations.


    Cubiscan is a dimensioning, weighing and scanning system that captures barcode, dimensions, weight, dimensional/volumetric weight & image which can be used for parcel shipping, warehousing, receiving, distribution and freight manifesting.

    The data captured by the machine can be saved in your local PC or can be pushed directly to your WMS.  We have dedicated application called Qbit-DB to manage cube & weight data captured by a Cubiscan.

    Yes, you can import your existing data to the application and then capture the weight and dimensions against each entry.

    Depends on your throughput requirements and the items you want to measure. If most of the items are odd-shaped like jewellery, apparels, bottles and spare parts, we recommend using Cubiscan 125 or Cubiscan 325. Similarly if most of the items are box-shaped/ Cuboidal, you may go for Cubiscan 75 or Cubiscan 100 or Cubiscan 150. Tell us your requirements by submitting the above “Request a Quote” form. One of our Cubiscan experts will get in touch with you.

    We provide 8 user-defined fields which can be enabled or disabled depending your requirement. These fields can be made mandatory or optional.

    By enabling the image capture function in the software, you can capture image(s) of an item by using a digital camera. This image will be stored with the unique identifier (item barcode).

    Yes, We have our Dynamic DWS system that can help you capture barcode, dimensions, weight and image of the items moving on a conveyor.