Capella – Static Dimension Weighing System

NIDO SDWS is named CAPELLA not only after one of the brightest stars in universe, but also because it is a complete system, capable of functioning as an addition to an existing system or as a standalone!

NIDO Static DWS system is engineered to absolutely minimize the time spent on measuring the dimensions and weight of a body while maintaining clinical-like accuracy, all done by simply scanning the barcode on the SKU. It can calculate the volume and dimensional weight, irrespective of the item being cuboidal or non-cuboidal.

Capella is a series of strong and sturdy equipment that is engineered to efficiently handle and track large and heavy parcels entering or leaving warehouse
The device incorporates a barcode scanner for barcode capture and linking the data obtained to that SKU and a display to present the values. Its modularity enables to add multiple optional peripherals, like 2D wireless barcode scanner, printer, interface with PC, integration with WMS, ERP, SAP or simply with present the data on a huge display.

Static DWS finds its true potential in freight handling, warehouse management and material handling situations where the data must be obtained fast and easily transmitted to the server for computing shipping charges, logistics planning, storage space planning, carton selection, material sorting or to maintain a transparent system

This product comes with a NIDO’s proprietary software NIDOWorkz that is presents the desired data on the display, while on the back end, it can transfer the data to the client-side WMS/ERP/SAP via TCP/IP protocol. A direct link can be established to the database, thereby eliminating the dependency on any third-party software. The image captured has all the critical information embedded in the corner. This proves useful for documentation purposes as well as for logistics purposes.


Features of CAPELLA series

  • Accurate Ultrasonic, Laser and Load Cell measurement technique
  • High Accuracy and Precision
  • Easy to set up and maintain
  • Ball transfer units for smooth and ergonomic manoeuvring of heavy or large objects over the platform, not only enabling it to perform as a standalone device, or as a supplement to the existing conveyor system* but also ensures minimum handling damage on SKU as well as reducing maintenance cost to the equipment
  • Integrated flaps to easily capture dimensions of non-cuboidal objects
  • Customizable specifications to ensure it fits perfectly in all application
  • Productivity of the material handling process can be boosted exponentially by linking the system with NIDO – Antares and NIDO – Deneb
  • Deployed along with NIDO’s proprietary software: NIDOWorkz

Capella – in a conveyor system

Ball Transfer Unit Floor : To minimize point of contacts between the parcel and platform to only rotating stainless steel balls

Features of NIDOWorkz

  • Obtain Volume and Dimensional Weight instantly
  • Direct communication with ERP/SAP/WMS for further action / adding USP to customers in logistics purpose
  • Eliminates manual data entry
  • Archived images with all information in a corner to ensure a well-documented and a transparent process for optimization
  • Data remains accurate and intact through out

Archived Image

Technical Specification

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Model No.
Capella 80S
Capella 120S
Capella 150S
Length (Minimum :: Maximum)mm50 :: 120050 :: 140050 :: 1400
Width (Minimum :: Maximum)mm50 :: 90050 :: 120050 :: 1200
Height (Minimum :: Maximum)mm50 :: 100050 :: 120050 :: 1200
Weight (Minimum :: Maximum)kg0.100 :: 800.100 :: 1200.100 :: 150
Dimensional Resolutionmm±1±1±1
Dimensional Accuracymm±5±5±5
Weight Resolutiongm±10±20±20
Weight Accuracygm+/-100+/-100+/-100
Operating Temperature°C10-5510-5510-55
Barcode Types1DUPC/EAN/JAN,UPC-A & UPC-E, EAN-8 & EAN-13, ISBN/ISSN, Code 39 (with full ASCII), Codabar (NW7), Code 128 & EAN 128, Code 93 and more
2DQR Code, Data Matrix, PDF417


  • Data Output: USB/Ethernet/Wireless
  • Measurement Sensor: Ultrasonic and Laser
  • Weight Sensor: Load Cell
  • Power Requirements: 100-240 VAC

Standard Peripherals

  • NIDOWorkz Software
  • 1D/2D Wired Barcode Scanner
  • Calibration unit
  • High Resolution Camera
  • Processing System
  • Wireless keyboard-mouse

Optional Peripherals

  • 1D Wired Barcode Scanner
  • 1D Wireless Barcode Scanner
  • 1D/2D Wireless Barcode Scanner
  • Ultra-High Resolution Camera
  • Thermal Printer
  • Calibration Weights


  • Airport Luggage Handling
  • E Commerce
  • Logistics / 3PL
  • Courier Express Parcel
  • Warehousing
  • Automotive Spares
  • Furniture