ERIS / SIRIUS Pallet Handler AGV & AMR Series

Our Eris and Sirius Pallet handler AGV/AMR series enable autonomous material movement for safe operation in your existing manned facility with complete human collaboration. Thereby, conversion to unmanned operation, reducing risk of accidents and conventional forklift operation is possible with minimal investment and infrastructure changes.

We offer multiple navigation types (magnetic tape, laser triangulation) based on your application requirements and integration capability. Our pallet handler AGV AMRs come with a sophisticated array of safety solution comprised of certified global standard matching scanners, 3D cameras and pallet detection capability.

  • Can be deployed with minimum infrastructure modifications – Our ERIS & SIRIUS Pallet Handler AGV/AMRs are intelligent enough to seamlessly integrate into your existing process to create a friendly ecosystem.
  • Allows businesses to target skilled labour shortage.
  • Allows safer operation when compared to manual forklift operation. Maximum accidents occurring due to operator error can be minimized.
  • Our Pallet Handler AGV/AMR series provide a safe and secure way of moving floor to floor passage of palletized material inside Distribution Centres/Warehouses/Manufacturing processes which helps to increase the process efficiency and performance with minimal human intervention.
  • Enables businesses to drive throughput and process delivery with scalability and flexibility.
  • Current processes no longer form a bottleneck and can be adapted as per the specific needs without infrastructure modifications.
  • Modular and scalable with a variety of safety options ranging from 2D to 3D envelope safety.
  • User friendly software to manage and monitor the AGV fleet from a single interface with analytics option.
  • ROI achievable in 1 to 2 years.
  • Can be deployed on existing forklifts to convert into autonomous operation* .

*depends on vehicle architecture and scope

DetailsUnitERIS Series Pallet Handlers AGVsSIRIUS Series Pallet Handlers AMRs
Weight carrying CapacityKg25002500
NavigationMagnetic Tape, RFID TagsLaser Triangulation
Fork Lifting Heightmm85-20085-200
Rear Body Heightmm800800
Standard Fork Widthmm550550
Fork Lengthmm11501150
Fork Thicknessmm5454
Fork Widthmm185185
Overall Lengthmm18351835
Overall Widthmm800800
Minimum Turning Radiusmm17201720
Maximum Travelling Speedkm/h5 (laden)5 (laden)
5.3 (unladen)5.3 (unladen)
Maximum Lifting Speedmm/s35 (laden)35 (laden)
45 (unladen)45 (unladen)
Maximum Lowering Speedmm/s50 (laden)50 (laden)
40 (unladen)40 (unladen)
Gradeability%6 (laden)6 (laden)
7 (unladen)7 (unladen)
Service weight without batterykg490490
Service weight with batterykg700700
Battery Capacity / TypeAh210 / Traction210 / Traction
Safety FeaturesERIS / SIRIUS Pallet Handler AGVs & AMRs
Non-Contact Safety Sensor (Laser Scanner )Diagonally Front and Back, with field switching and flexible safety zones along with additional for 3D safety as required *
Protection Field180°-210° in direction of motion (unidirectional)
360° all around safety (bidirectional)*
Pallet Detection & Safety SensorPallet Detection Sensors on Forks.
3D Camera for Obstacle Detection & Pallet 3D Safety *
Emergency Stops2/4 Emergency stops - Front and Back conforming with safety standards
Audio and Visual IndicationYes – Alarm Buzzer and LED with colour coding for error and alarm status

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