Are you being able to measure the efficiency and impact of each and every operation in your warehouse or distribution center?

Designing the right analytics road map is the first step towards creating an ecosystem where all the people, processes and other resources can work together smoothly.

Our smart analytics module will help you to identify the KPIs and metrics to understand, measure and improve your operations. Interfaced directly with your WMS and ERP applications, our analytics module will provide a granular view of all the operations on a single dashboard.

Some of the key parameters that can be tracked with our Smart Analytics Module
Equipment Uptime
Operator Productivity
Picking Rate
Sorting Rate
Fleet Utilization

Some of the benifits of our Smart Analytics Module
  • To check the uptime and downtime of the equipment fleet

  • To allocate the correct resources for particular operations

  • To identify the under performing work force

  • To measure the picking rate and sorting rate of the SKUs

  • To keep a close check at the incoming and outgoing inventories

  • To get real time notification of the equipment and operational performance

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