Expandable Flexible Roller ConveyorCANOPUS FRC / FMRC Series
Roller materialMS/SS/PU/PP
Compacted expanded length3890 mm - 7730 mm
Roller height840 mm
Roller width600/800/1000 mm
Roller diameterupto 50 mm
Max load capacity50kg/m
Max load capacity per module350 kg



ND-C-EHS Series | NIDO Expandable Flexible Skate Wheel Conveyor

NIDO’s Expandable Flexible Skate Wheel Conveyor proves itself to be one of the most ergonomic solutions in material handling in a dynamic environment including truck loading/unloading processes. Our design with a lightweight structure allows an operator to maneuver the conveyor as per the situation and transfer light to medium weight with extreme ease. The freedom of motion on the legs makes it portable and can also be retracted to half of its maximum length for application in tight locations or saving space when not in use.

CANOPUS FRC Series | NIDO Expandable Flexible Roller Conveyor

Expandable Flexible Roller Conveyor is a unique type of gravity roller conveyor that works across a diverse range of dynamic warehousing situations. This serves as an on-the-go solution where a rigid fixed roller conveyor is not preferred. Its flexibility over its frame enables the operator to use it exactly as per requirement. NIDO’s design and unique fabrication methods make it one of the most versatile versions of a non-motorized roller conveyor in the market. With the light weight structure and fast setup process, our solutions are quick and easy to deploy out of the box.

CANOPUS FMRC Series | NIDO Expandable Flexible Motorized Roller Conveyor 

NIDO’s Expandable Flexible Motorized Roller Conveyor has uniquely adapted to be the best of the both worlds in terms of flexibility of a regular Expandable Flexible Roller Conveyor as well as payload capacity of a normal roller conveyor. From S shape to C to I, It is capable of transferring any payload in multiple orientations without the need of the constant monitoring of an operator. Our design makes sure it is operational by minimum personnel at all times. Its modularity enables it to be a part of multiple material handling locations. This can be a handy solution in times of a quick and easy deployment of intermittent shipping process.

General technical dataMax. load capacity50 kg/m Max
Max. load capacity per module350 kg
Conveyor speed0.1 to 2.5 m/s
Ambient temperature0 to +40 °C
DriveRated voltage220 V
Electrical powerMax. 100watt
Drive TypeCompact AC Geared Motors
MaterialsConveyor beltO- ring Pu Belt

LCompacted to Expanded LengthMax 3890 mm to7730mm
H1Roller Height840 mm
H2Side Guard Height50/100/150 mm
RWRoller Width600/800/1000 mm
W1Roller Free movement WidthRW+30 mm
W2Total WidthRW+140 mm
P1Pitch (Compacted)60mm
P2Pitch (Expanded)120mm

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