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Introducing NIDO In-motion Dimensioning Weighing & Scanning System

Nido dimensioning Weighing & Scanning Systems are designed to weigh and measure items passing on a conveyor line. The system scans the barcode, captures the weight and dimensions and then transfers them to client's WMS or ERP system. NIDO Dimension and weighing solution (DWS) provides high-value systems that generate labour efficiencies, improve order accuracy

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Nido Put to LIght (PTL) System – Efficient & Accurate Order Fulfillment

Pick to light system (PTL) is a order fulfillment support system by using light module. The operator simply walks to the storage location where the light illuminates and picks the number of items to be picked. The same process can be done to sort the items which is popularly known as “Put to light

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Introducing New Branding & Identities

It has been a wonderful journey since our inception 9 years ago. The green & orange logo has served us well. Over the years, it reflected our youth, energy and dynamism. As we enter a new phase in our journey, there is a need for a more mature, established and trustworthy look. Our new

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